Digital Brochure

Project Description

Mercedes-Benz wishes to bring a whole new energy to their car dealership spaces through a new type of interactive multimedia application. Interactive touchscreen tablets will bring such a change.

Each service or dealership is equipped with MultiStands (Samsung touchscreen multimedia terminals) that include Haai PlayerTouch client software that allows the client to use an interactive touchscreen in a uniquely user-friendly way. The Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Turkey has a HaaiSever that distributes the multimedia content to all local terminals. The headquarters manages all terminals and media content through HaaiManager software, used on mobile devices or stationary PCs. Promotional banners will be replaced by the dealerships themselves, depending on regional requirements, after approval from the central MB office. The multimedia content is distributed directly from the headquarters using Haai patented transfer technologies in order to deploy the data easily and rapidly.

The IT department can check the distribution of all content, monitor hardware and software and optimize maintenance systems. Haai software ensures all interactive terminals are always working correctly. The Samsung Knox feature will ensure that the tablets are used only for MB promotional and informational work.

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