Project Description

The Kinect Haai is a fully interactive Digital Signage and Content Management solution which uses multi-media visuals (e.g. Image, Photos, Videos, Presentations, ect.) and Microsoft Kinect technology to fundamentally change the way people perceive and interact with computers.

Kinect Haai frees us from the burden of the mouse, keyboard, remote controller and other old world technologies and opens a seamless interactive experience. This technological breakthrough, developed by Sentio gives us the freedom of using Digital Signage with our own bodies as the controller. All it requires is for the user to stand in front of the Kinect Haai and already the interaction begins; The technology will follow your body movements, recognizing you and your hand gestures, giving you the reigns to elegantly navigate the digital content presented on the screen. No More unnecessary menu screens or information.

Kinect Haai offers incredible opportunities in advertising as it dramatically transforms display material in store windows and/or showrooms for businesses. It is a visually inviting interactive experience and the future of advertisement and promotional tools. It’s application and revolutionary technology offers bountiful potential in many business sectors, including healthcare, education, construction, technology, industry and many more.

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