Digital Signage

Project Description

Digital Signage:

DigiSign┬«  is a network of customizable digital displays that  can be controled electronically using a computer..

Sentio DS management panel: your display network operated easily and reliably

DesignMage: create all digital and printable advertisment content for your campaign in just a few minutes without any other expenses or complication


DigiSign Player: play videos and display images on a timetable, designed for any mini or standard PCs

Haai Digital Signage Player: play videos and display images, designed for any tablet, Android, or other mobile devices

Sentio kiosk: high-quality, custom made multitouch kiosks to fulfill all your business needs

Sentio Interactive tablet stand: innovative and cost-effective way to provide perfect interactive displays anywhere you need it

DS Analyzer: measure the effectiveness of your campaign by collecting unique information about your audience and even interpreting and understanding their reactions to your advertisements

Digital Menu and Menuboard: manage all DS on tablets or PCs using these easy interfaces

Smart Mirror and showcase: allows your customer to virtually try out any clothing in a sec on this mirroring display screen.

Extra Modules, Features, and Interactive Activities: Event Slot Race, Vending, Wayfinding, OfficeSign, Mobile and Social, Emergency Messaging, and Advertisement marketing potential. 

SafeAccess: face identification and badge (access cart) printing for security

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Project Details

Date: 2015
Client: Do─ča International Schools